We know that
"good enough" isn't.

Core Values

Our team delivers more than just payload: we’re driven to supply peace of mind to our customers with integrity and old-fashioned hard work. BOLT stops at nothing to get the job done right for those we serve.


We believe in doing what’s right. Every time.

BOLT consistently makes the extra effort: from meticulously maintained trucks, to industry-leading safety, to systematic efficiencies, backed by an unyielding commitment to excellence in every aspect of our job. It might not always be the easiest thing to do, but we know how much it matters to our team and the customers who depend on us. We know where we’re going, and we don’t believe in taking shortcuts to get there.


We seek opportunities to improve.

From the beginning, BOLT has never let obstacles and challenges stop us. Instead, we see them as opportunities to constantly learn and improve our business at every level so we become stronger, more flexible, and more reliable partners in the transportation industry. That’s because we understand that our business plays a part in growing American industry, feeding our families, and helping our team and our customers succeed.


We root our business in loyalty, inside and out.

We know others can’t count on us unless we can count on each other. That’s why our entire team is committed to knowing this business thoroughly, from our office staff to our drivers. The strength of our team internally provides the foundation for all our partnerships throughout the country. For years, our customers have made our rock-solid service a part of their supply chain to get the job done right.


There are no second chances in this industry. Trust is everything.

BOLT was built with integrity at its core, knowing that trust is earned at every turn. Our customers’ faith in our expertise and time-tested service is proven again and again throughout lasting relationships that span more than just miles. It’s this trust that drives us forward to deliver our best. With so much at stake, BOLT knows that “good enough” just isn’t.

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