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Our Team

At BOLT, we’re young in business, but old in experience.

We know our team is our biggest asset: our collective knowledge and expertise enable us to deliver superior transportation services to our customers. Many of our drivers have been here from the start, and that kind of loyalty is at the core of what BOLT stands for. From our leadership, to administrative staff, to our driving team, our unique group of industry veterans works together seamlessly and successfully.

Tracy Thomas

Founder & CEO

As a second generation member of the transportation industry, Tracy leads BOLT with a dedication to superior performance and customer service thanks to her decades of experience. Since the start of her career in 1988, she has specialized in liquid/bulk food-grade products, and she has built a reputation for her outstanding leadership and advocacy for the highest standards in safety and quality.

When Tracy founded BOLT in 2006, she amplified her dedication to advancing the trucking industry forward. She’s introduced the latest technology to BOLT’s process for sustainability and efficiency, built partnerships with some of the nation’s biggest companies, and earned respect thanks to her direct, hands-on approach.

Tracy’s entrepreneurship hasn’t gone unnoticed. She is proud to be a member of the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) since 2015. She’s also served as the Vice Chair for Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) West Southern California Forum in 2010.

To connect with Tracy and learn more about BOLT, contact her here.

Michael Thomas


With more than three decades of industry experience, Mike Thomas manages BOLT’s daily operations and is largely responsible for the quality service the company is known for. Mike has worked his way from the bottom up through the transportation industry, from a “yardman,” to a shop mechanic, dispatcher, driver and general manager. His thorough working knowledge of liquid/bulk food-grade transportation accounts for more than two decades of his career, and his expertise is an invaluable asset to BOLT. Mike’s dedication to quality and safety of the BOLT team is second to none.

Mike is central to building and training BOLT’s solid team of drivers and staff. He personally mentors employees, keeping quality and safety paramount. Mike has a true passion for efficiency, and has embraced BOLT’s philosophy on new technology to streamline operations and benefit customers on both ends of the operation.

Mike’s practical approach has earned respect from BOLT employees and his partners in the industry. He’s even been known to get back in the driver’s seat when needed.

To connect with Mike, contact him here.

Arin Thomas

Office Manager

Arin’s title at BOLT is “Office Manager,” but talk to her for a few minutes and you’ll realize she manages a lot more than that. Arin comes from a family based in trucking. She is a third generation member, so her passion for the industry and her drive to make it better are tangible. She started her career in 1998 as a part time billing clerk, sharpening her industry expertise and attention to detail.

Arin joined BOLT in 2006 and quickly became an asset to our team. As our office manager, she now oversees everything from HR to billing to customer service. And she does it with a positive attitude and a drive to learn more. She’s the critical link in the BOLT chain that connects all facets of our services together to make sure our service is excellent every time.

Our Drivers

The backbone of BOLT comes down to our experienced and motivated team of drivers. They are our ambassadors out on the road every day, delivering and ensuring product integrity, maintaining industry-leading safety records and building the relationships with our shippers and end customers that sustains our business. You’ll always be able to tell when you’re working with a BOLT driver from their professionalism, consistency and exceptional customer service. Their dedication to quality translates into success for our customers, and our appreciation for their unyielding hard work knows no limits.

Join Our Team

We believe that our employees represent the future success of our company. If you are interested in a career as a professional truck driver, we would enjoy talking to you about the advantages of working together on the BOLT team.

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