Bulk or Liquid Transport Awarded Four Prestigious Industry Safety Honors

ARROYO GRANDE, CA, September 6, 2017—Bulk or Liquid Transport, LLC (BOLT) has been recognized by both the Safety Management Council of the American Trucking Associations and the Utah Trucking Association (UTA) for its consistent commitment to safety.

BOLT placed first in the Tank Truck/Line-haul Division, Up to 10 Million Miles Category in the American Trucking Associations National Truck Safety Contest. The ATA additionally honored BOLT in the Tank Truck Division, Unlimited Employees Category with a 2nd place award. These accolades reflect BOLT’s commitment to safety and quality by measuring its Safety Frequency Rating for 2016. Awards will be issued at the 2017 Safety, Security & Human Resources National Conference and Exhibition in Memphis, TN in November.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Utah Trucking Association and Great West Casualty Co. also recognized BOLT with the 2016 Industrial Safety Award, ranking the company first in the Tank Truck Liquid Division among companies with less than five employees. This award is a reflection of BOLT’s outstanding safety record during miles driven in 2016. The rating includes data on drivers, dock, shop, man-hours worked and number of lost workdays.

The UTA and Great West Casualty Co. additionally honored BOLT with the Great West Safety Award for outstanding achievements in highway safety. According to their criteria, BOLT placed first among tanker trucks traveling less than 217,000 miles in Utah. This is the sixth successive Great West Safety Award BOLT has received.

Beyond serving the state of Utah, BOLT maintains terminals in both Arizona and California in its service of the western United States.

“We’re proud of the recognition that our commitment to excellence has earned over the years, but we’re most proud of the high standards in quality performance and industry-leading safety that we uphold each day we come to work.” shares BOLT CEO and Founder, Tracy Thomas.
For more information on BOLT or to learn more about this and other industry awards they’ve received, visit www.BOLT-transport.com or call (805) 202-2200.

Bulk or Liquid Transport, LLC (BOLT) is a leading transportation provider serving the western United States with terminal locations in California, Arizona and Utah. Founded in 2006 by industry veteran Tracy Thomas, BOLT specializes in food-grade liquid transport for some of the nation’s largest companies. BOLT is dedicated to creating an efficient operation that benefits their customers through advanced technology, industry-leading safety records, a smaller carbon footprint and a rock-solid team. For more information or to request a quote, call BOLT’s Arroyo Grande, CA headquarters at (805) 202-2200, or visit www.BOLT-transport.com.