Bulk or Liquid Transport Honored With Great West Safety Award

ARROYO GRANDE, CA, July 1, 2015—Great West Casualty Company, in concert with the Utah Trucking Association  has awarded Bulk or Liquid Transport with the Great West Safety Award. According to their criteria, BOLT’s safety performance ranked first among tanker trucks traveling less than 800,000 miles in the state.

“For us, making sure we do everything we can to ensure a higher level of safety out on the road each day is simply part of what we see as a natural obligation not just to ourselves and our customers, but to the communities we serve,” says Thomas.

The fourth Great West Safety Award BOLT has received in the past five years, this year marks the first that BOLT has received this distinction in the 800,000-mile-and-under category. Previously awarded in the 150,000-miles-and-under category in 2011, 2012 and 2013, BOLT is proud to show that its dedication to safety remains constant, no matter how many miles driven.

BOLT’s industry-leading safety record is an integral part of its commitment to creating an efficient operation that benefits its customers through advanced technology, a smaller carbon footprint and a rock-solid team.

Bulk or Liquid Transport, LLC (BOLT) is a leading transportation provider serving the western United States headquartered in California with terminal locations in Arizona and Utah. Founded in 2006 by industry veteran Tracy Thomas, BOLT specializes in food-grade liquid transport for some of the nation’s largest companies. For more information or to request a quote, call BOLT’s Arroyo Grande, CA headquarters at (805) 202-2200, or visit www.BOLT-transport.com.